Author Visits

Book Signing at Chapters

Koel M. Upadhyay will be delighted to connect with her readers at your school during an author event! Please send her an email at info[at]thebookpocket[dot]com if you are interested in booking an author event at your school. 

Upadhyay will send you an author event information package, with details about the presentation options she can offer for your primary and junior students. The package also outlines how The Prince’s Armor can be used in the classroom to integrate English Language Arts and Healthy Living curriculum expectations, by addressing key learning areas. Upadhyay will follow up by answering any other questions you might have and will be happy to slightly change her presentations to accommodate any special needs that the school might need to address.

Upadhyay is now looking forward to scheduling events for 2020. The month of May is Allergy Awareness Month, a relevant time to book one of her presentations based on The Prince’s Armor, namely peanut and food allergy awareness and discussions on how everyone can get involved.

Upadhyay looks forward to hearing from you!